2019 : Année des "P"

Choisir le nom de son animal est une étape importante, un nom c'est pour la vie! 

Si vous n'avez pas encore trouvé le prénom "coup de coeur" pour votre animal, voici une petite liste qui pourrait vous aider :


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Gary marsh
  • 1. Gary marsh | 19/07/2017

I am English and live in voas ven plonevez du faou, I have a beagle who has gave birth to 4 puppies which have survived the birth she gave birth to 7 in total, is it possible to arrange a rendezvous for you to check my female beagle and her litter, we did not know she was in season and this was a surprise pregnancy we are new to this and would like to speak to somebody who can speak English.


M. Marsh

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